1. Kinda obvious, but you must be a fan of the band, Busted.
2. You do not need a website to join, however you must supply a valid email address. This site is spam protected - the only emails you will get from this fanlisting will be to state if the URL has changed.
3. If you do have a site, please add a code to it to show you're a fan. And after all, I'm linking you on here, so shouldn't you do the same in return? If I don't find the code, I will add you to the members list, but without a URL.
4. Please use your real name. It's fine to use a nickname, but nothing stupid like 'ChAz's_aNg3l_4eva'. If you insist on calling yourself a retard, I will change it to Anonymous.


Fill out the form below to join this fanlisting. Please make sure you've read the rules and if you have a website, that you put a link back up to before joining!

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